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New site for the guild

Nalisa, Sep 12, 10 10:21 PM.

We have moved to a new site:

PLease register there with your ingame name, and wait or talk to Nalisa or Uzdar ingame.

The night of a thousand epics

Nalisa, Sep 4, 10 10:12 PM.
A day or 2 ago, we went to Copper in the Astral (sector 9) and found the famous chest on Lab 9. Upon opening it, I found a Deaththouch rod, which is a dreamwand for most of our casters. Since I already had an epic wand, I was hoping that Vec or Al could get. But when I clicked it to loot, there was no roll and I ended up with it. Not that I minded, but the others really needed the spellpower. Sucks, but shit happens. Bad programming, bad. Should be a roll for that.

So we decided to go back to Copper tonight and hope for at least 1 more wand.

If prince was around, he'd be singing Purple rain. We got no less than 16 epics (10 chests and 6 drops) AND we got another THREE Death Touch rods. We got some other useful stuff and sidegrades, as well as 4 nameless and completely useless epic trinkets with no stats!

But seriously, 16 epics in a few hours? That's just insane. The ship didn't even lose 1 hitpoint, it came back at 12K hp.

OH yea, we also got 1 small cannon crystal. Wooptidoo!

What a night though, we'll never forget that, and prolly never get that again.

We're due for another legendary soon though. And tank loot, wtb friggin tank loot.

But take a look at this picture. Stupid Borka cat blocking 4 chests though >.>

Crew : Nalisa, Almandragorn, Vecnan, Jirba, Uzdar.

Wen went to Chromium, Deep Astral, because we can

Nalisa, Aug 28, 10 1:40 AM.
But not because we intended too. The plan was to hit sector 3 (forgot name >.>) so we farmed a lot of emas in Sulphur to be ready for a long trip. But we jumped right on top of a wormhole that lead straight to Chromium. As captain of the ship, I felt scared and feared for my beautiful ship. I heard the demons there hit harder, attack people on on the ship, and what not... Not to mention we had no idea what the allods would be like. I was foreseeing tanks being oneshot (not by my fault this time, Kev >.>), the loss of tons of phyllies...

But since we were there... and since there's a thin line between bravery and stupidity which we now were crossing, we decided to jump around and hope to find a wormhole leading back home.

Ofcourse we found an allod first and decided to try it. It was Shard of Isa, we nver did it, and even old school Jirba didn't know it. After a few minutes of running around we found a demon boss. And we killed it. It dropped a nalicious mace! SOme moore peeking around lead us to some Astal Devourer type boss. Veni, Vidi, Vici for that one too. Only ship parts now though.

So we went on, and really had little to lose. Except my ship, but the guys didn't seem to care! (I thought they loved me /cry) Of course we ran into another allod. Some settlement of some sorts with lots of waterfolk. We killed 2 waterfolk bosses, the fish wasn't ready to be fried yet. Yet...

So in short, we found new allods in the far unknown where we boldly went and never had gone before. And killed 2/3 bosses on each. We're doing nice! A lot better than I ever expected. Chromium is the 10th sector, but was easier than I thought.

Oh yea, you loot-ho's wanna see what we got too. There!

Obviously, my ship is blessed with luck unlike the cursed ships from some other members who's name we'll keep secret for now (Hi Psy!)

Grats to the winners

Crew : Nalisa, Uzdar, Vecnan, Almandragorn, Jirba and guild-associate (and ninjad-at-night-for-fun) Champa from Drunken Flame guild.

I want to have a ball, in the Astral

Nalisa, Aug 21, 10 11:50 AM.

Past 2 am GMT +1, Almandragorn logs in and wants to know if my ship's repaired. It was, so he started chanting for Astral again. I still felt guilty for getting a legendary that should have gone to Vecnan, so we departed. Slight problem: we were spoiled by Kevdk's insanely excellent navigating, and none of us 4 online had a a really good idea on how that worked. But Alman is great at the helm, With Venan aiding him, it was fine. Me and Uzdar took care of Navigating, and behold, we scanned and found an Allod on that globe! So we aimed for it,  and hoped we'd hit it, eventually.

And eventually, we did, even with an accidental visist to a wrong sector in between. Drywind Allod Ahoy! The Femme Fatale landed on an Allod successfully!  But we knew the bosses and we killed them fast. First boss was nice enough to throw down an epic for us.

The matter of going back was a bit more... insecure. It being late and all, we decided to head back home, since that could take a bit as well.

A LOT of jumping back and forth, but it taught us a lot about navigating and the use of Hold Route. But I was scared and didn't wanna risk my ship in combat too much with only 4 people on it >.>

We found another DRywind Allod on accident on the way back, and decided to take it fast too :p No epics now, but a load of fun again.

But eventually we made it :) And our voices were filled with joy, proud and happiness. Mostly proud. We did it. We went out into the great unknown and made it back alive.

Crew: Uzdar, Almandragorn, Vecnan, Nalisa. 4 inexperienced Astral travellers, who knew some basics only, and that thanks to some elders such as Kevdk and Poniter. Thanks to you too guys! Part of our midnight dwelling's succes is thanks to you! Soon we can take over your jobs during trips and you can slack off some too :)

OH yea, you all want to see that epic right? It went to Vecnan, and now I can feel less guilty for taking his bracers when he wasn't around >.> Althought I wanted that ring too, as did Alman. So I guess we can just start hating him a bit. Too much epics going to vec!

Also, wtb tank gear for our tanks, seriously. They do a LOT of hard work and dying (I do my best to heal, really, I do!) and they should get some frigging epic action too.

Oh ya, ring >.> Here it is, you loot-ho's!

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